Ambassadors of Kindness

Ambassadors of Kindness

Marissa Reiss
Ambassador – Eagles Landing Middle School Boca Raton, FL

I decided to become an Ambassador because I feel we can make this world a better place one step at a time. I’ve been participating in the Samaritans programs since I was in 3rd grade, 6 years ago. I am now 13, in 8th grade and proud to be one of the Ambassadors for the Samaritans365 Foundation.

Amy Meltzer
Ambassador – Woodglen Elementary School New York, NY

I am Amy Meltzer from Rockland County, NY. My husbands name is Brian and I have two daughters, Peri (16) and Dani (12).  I am an elementary school teacher. We learned about Samaritans365 from Sara Green at Camp Lokanda last summer . Happiness to me is making others happy. I believe there is nothing like making someone smile and see their whole face light  up- your smile speaks louder than words! Smiling is contagious and only leads to the best thing-LAUGHTER! It’s a rough world especially with Social Media taking over our lives as well as our children’s lives-they don’t get a break and often become overwhelmed. It made me think that only if KINDNESS could spread like social media messages, that would be the greatest thing for this planet. No matter what else is happening in life-kindness always matters!

Tina Polsky
Ambassador – West Boca High School

I decided to become an ambassador because I was so impressed with the Samaritans365 program and wanted to help bring gratitude and awareness to the special community at West Boca High School.

Lisa Cauff
Ambassador – Waters Edge Elementary School, Boca Raton, FL

I decided to become an Ambassador to help children, including my own, learn about the variety of ways they can give back to their own community. S365 exposes them to so many wonderful organizations and gives them an opportunity to find out what it all really means to themselves. It’s important for me to give back to help make a difference in others lives. Children have always been an important part of my life from working as an Early Childhood Educator to becoming a Stay at Home Mom. Making a difference in the life of a child means the world to me.

Shari Dragos
Ambassador – Eagles Landing Middle School and Sunrise Park Elementary

I became an Ambassador because there is nothing better then the gift of giving! I want to make a difference in this world and teach my children to follow in my footsteps.

Lance Dragos
Ambassador – Eagles Landing Middle School

I became an Ambassador because I loved the Samaritan Club when I attended the program in elementary school. Bringing it to Eagle Landing Middle School was my way of sharing my experiences with my peers and also be able to keep giving back to the community and the world.

Jen Kroll
Ambassador – Hillel Day School

I feel honoured to serve as an ambassador. It is inspiring for me to meet incredible people who dedicate their lives to helping others. What an opportunity to change the world by showing children the possibilities and ways that they can help others.

Alayna Stein
Ambassador – Olympic Heights High School, Boca Raton, FL

I wanted to bring the Samaritans Club to my high school because I feel that the main focus in high school is often on academics and sports.  I wanted to remind my peers that it is important to make time to “give back,” and that we can all make a difference in making the world a kinder and better place!

Kimberly Gladsden

My life/family mission is congruent with the mission of Samaritans365. It was a perfect match! I write about our Samaritans365 projects on my blog, “Growing Up Glad”. My goal for the blog is to create a supportive community of mothers, living life mindfully, raising their daughters with gratitude, gladness, giving, and of course, glamour! I am very proud of my role as Ambassador and hope to inspire others and spread the message that Kindness Matters!

Rachel Sacher

I am proud to be part of the Samaritans365 organization and extend the virtue of kindness and giving at Whispering Pines Elementary School. I believe in the power that each of us possesses to improve the world in our own small way. If we each do a tiny piece then collectively we can make a huge difference. I try to model this for my own three sons and demonstrate being a good citizen/Samaritan. The Sam365 program allows my own children and thousands of others to experience for themselves how great it feels to give back. Kindness truly does matter!

Holly Bromer
Ambassador – Sunset Palms Elementary, West Boynton Beach, FL

I was inspired to be part of the Samaritans365 organization by their slogan, Kindness Matters. I want to enable our youth to create positive change within themselves and their communities.

Ellen Budish
Ambassador – Omni Middle School, Boca Raton, FL

I am proud to be the Teacher ambassador for the Samaritans365 at Omni Middle School in Boca Raton, FL. This is my 31st year teaching in Palm Beach County. I am a true believer that KINDNESS is the only way to live. Everybody deserves a chance. Helping one person at a time can make the difference.

Tammi Stein
Ambassador – Olympic Heights High School, Boca Raton, FL

As an occupational therapist, it has been my life’s work to make a difference in the world. As a parent, I want to make this world a kinder and better place for the next generation. By becoming a high school Samaritans365 Ambassador, I am able to to expose the next generation to different charities and organizations and provide them with the opportunities to give back and make a difference in the world! I love seeing the students recognize that they CAN make a difference and how GOOD it feels to make that difference!

Isabel Romero Villicana, DMD
Ambassador – Park Trails Elementary

After my daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder 5 years ago, I experienced a multitude of tribulations, that despite my problem-solving skills, left my family feeling defeated and isolated. The challenges we experienced made us more compassionate, patient and understanding human beings. Personally, it has inspired me to educate, elevate and inspire those who are going through any sort of hardships and to help children and their families break through all stigmas, allowing them every opportunity in the world to function in society and shine, just like everyone else. My mission is to change the misperceptions in society and to replace those judgment with compassion and understanding. I live my life now trying to instill values, kindness, acceptance and altruism in my 3 children, and I am very excited to be able to help spread Kindness throughout the world.  In doing so, it is my hope to inspire and transform the lives of many, starting with the children at Park Trails Elementary.

Mandy Neuman
Ambassador – Camp Lenox, Lee, MA

For the past few years I’ve been in awe of the amazing work being done and community being built by Samaritans365. When I started to think about my upcoming summer in the picturesque Berkshires, I thought what a wonderful addition this would be to Camp Lenox. This year, I have been inspired by my daughter’s philanthropic efforts and wanted to continue to contribute in guiding children in giving back and exploring opportunities to repair the world, in Hebrew the term is “Tikkun Olam”. We can’t wait to begin our journey with Samaritans365.

Shari Kline
Ambassador – Sunrise Park Elementary School, Boca Raton, FL

I began working with the Samaritans in 2012, when it was just a single club at Sunrise Park Elementary School. I have seen so many Samaritan children learn and grow in amazing ways. Not all children are good at the other things that can hike self esteem like getting good grades, being a skilled athlete or gifted artist, but everyone can make a worthwhile contribution in our world. The experience of leading the Samaritan’s club is a true blessing to me, not only because I have witnessed the club doing good things, but because I know that these experiences will have a lasting effect on who these children grow up to be.

Isabella Marco
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

I decided to become an Ambassador of Kindness and establish the Samaritans365 club at Saint Andrews because I wanted to motivate and share with others how rewarding community service can be, not just for oneself, but more importantly for others. I want to influence and inspire my peers to help others by giving them a platform to do so in a group setting. I believe that little by little we can all make steps in the right direction to ensure that everyone recognizes that kindness really does matter!

Emily Faber
Club Advisor and 2017 Immersion Leader – St. Andrews School

I became an ambassador after a student of mine who started the club at Saint Andrew’s asked me to be the faculty advisor. Once I learned about the organization, I was eager to participate because I believe connecting with each other is an essential part of a healthy community.

Since I was in elementary school, I have wanted to teach, and being part of Samaritans365 expands my role as an educator outside of my immediate school to the community.

Pierce Rotman
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

I am joining this program because I feel that people in unfortunate circumstances are not represented or cared for by our conservative government, leaving citizens to care for the needy.

Briana Finocchiaro
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

I became an ambassador because I want to have the opportunity to volunteer at local organizations that I would not ordinarily know about. I will try my best 🙂

Caroline Cleveland
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

I became an Ambassador because I feel that helping struggling people is important, and I enjoy working with kids. This immersion at Saint Andrew’s has given me the opportunity to help the community.

The reason I love working with kids is because my family is a foster family. We have two foster kids right now and taking care of them is really tough, but I love them so much and wouldn’t want to have my family any other way.

Aidan Carley
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

I decided to become an ambassador because I like helping people.  I like helping others because it makes them feel good and could make their day.

Mari Tompkins
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

I believe in helping my local community to further create a better world for me and my community.  I like giving people the opportunities that I have been given. It not only makes others feel good, but me too.

Morgan Rogers
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

I decided to become an ambassador because I feel extremely fortunate to live the life I live and therefore believe it is my duty to give back and spread kindness.  I believe that everyone could use a little positivity in their day and aim to spread positivity to all by being kind, friendly, and open-minded to everyone and everything!

Sihao Zheng
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Anita Shchepetova 
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

I decided to become an Ambassador because I wanted to participate in different kinds of community service.  I love helping and working with kids and pets because they can’t protect themselves. Also, they are very loyal and kind, they cannot betray and lie to you.

Lillian Hornung
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

I became an Ambassador because I really enjoy helping others and this gives me the opportunity to do that. I really enjoy helping others because I know that even the smallest thing I do for someone can have a positive impact on them.

Claire Cutler
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

I decided to become an Ambassador because I love to help people. I love helping people because it reminds me that anyone can make a difference in the world.

Brooke Hoang 
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Cecilia Diaz
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Connor O’Reilly
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Genevieve Krieger
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Jimena Ruiz
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Jun Suk Ko
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Matt Cramer 
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Matt Hamorsky 
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Mikayla Bond
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Nicholas Hall
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Rachel Harman
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Seema Thakkar
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Zach Tholke
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Sophia La Hoz
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Andrea Kattoura
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Anu Ramdin
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Blanca Smith
Ambassador – St. Andrews School

Taylor Cohen
Ambassador – West Boca High School

I was in elementary school when they started the Sunrise Park Samaritans program and I was fortunate enough to be a part of the very first group of students to experience it. I was taught by my parents at an early age that it was so important to give back to my community and I loved being a Samaritan. Almost ten years later, having continued my involvement throughout the years, I felt it was important to start a chapter in my high school. I realized that a lot of times people lose focus of how important is to give back and be kind!  I’ve grown to understand how the Samartitans365 foundation has given back to the community and made an impact on both individuals and organizations. Being a Samaritan has made a huge impact on my life as well.  I am incredibly proud to be one of the founding Ambassadors at West Boca High School and am proud to be a part of the Samaritans365 family.

Josh Greenfield
Ambassador – Pine Crest School

I am extremely grateful to be the ambassador of Pine Crest School Samaritans 365. I have always felt the importance of helping others in need, creating positive change and doing my part to make this world a better place. I look forward to promoting the Samaritans mission of spreading kindness and working together with my fellow students help make a difference in the lives of others.

Jennifer Goldfaden
Ambassador – The Cushman School

I am always looking for volunteer opportunities that allow me to model our family values, and thus teach my children to be kind, empathetic and hard working people.  After reading Kimberly Gladsden’s blog and learning about Samaritan 365, I knew it was something in which I wanted to get involved. I realized what better way than to become an ambassador at their school. I look forward to starting the program in September 2017, and I hope to spread the message that kindness matters;  you’re never too young or too small to help others.